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Share on Twitter. Each week you send us your questions about how to behave, and here to answer them this week is Aimee Mann.

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She also recorded and toured with fellow pop maestro Ted Leo. And Goose has a fluffy white little face, and she looked like a little snow cone. Interview Highlights: On whether there are nights where singing melancholy music can get to be a bit too much Aimee Mann: I mean, I think there are probably a couple of songs that super bring aimee mann new single down. Some people humming in harmony?

As someone who lives in LA and is an entertainer, and has worked in movies, what does this say about the world you move in? Aimee Mann: I mean he obviously was fine. On finding kinship with comedians on tour Aimee Mann: We just travel in the same circles. And so, my husband and I, Michael Penn, started — I mean this was a long, long time ago — but we started having comedians be part of our show.

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Bring in an expert! Tompkins did some.

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It was so much fun and it weirdly made sense. Because those guys are so wordy in the best possible way, and sort of focused people on listening to the language.

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And then they would be almost more attentive and kind of hooked into the music. Etiquette When to call someone out for mansplaining Brendan Francis Newnam: So, this first question comes from Marina in Washington, D.

And she writes: The woman said nothing, to my annoyance. I really wanted to respond but figured it was a private conversation. When it is appropriate to call someone out for mansplaining? Rico Gagliano: Brendan Francis Newnam: Did you just mansplain Aimee Mann?

Oh, my God! Get out of this room.

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I was just providing an example. Now how would you deal with me? Point it out, laugh, ridicule. I think that just happened!

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Anonymous writes: The next Monday, he came into work with the same tattoo in the same place. Oh, I hate it.

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What do you think? This is creepy. The only thing I can think of that would make this acceptable would be if the one tattoo had two dots, and the other tattoo finished the ellipsis or something like that.

Aimee mann new single it was a whimsical response.

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Is that weird? My Nixon back piece. I got it from Roger Stone.

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Me and Roger discussed it. Spread the word. There you go, Anonymous. Yes, Aimee and Roger Stone hanging out, talking tats. I mean, make no mistake.

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Dealing with not-so-subtle singing prompts Brendan Francis Newnam: This next question comes from Alexis via Instagram, and the question is:

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