Single note cologne

single note cologne
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A Big Winner! Richard James Savile Row edt goes on with a fresh lightly spiced citrus and floral accord that is so complex it is difficult to pick out individual notes.

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The opening accord can best be described as resembling the opening to Amouage Dia Man, though slightly different. After the extremely complex open, in the early heart the scent warms single note cologne a bit with subtle spices and herbs slowly growing as time passes, and the florals start to become more single note cologne with soft rose, tuberose and aromatic lavender the most prominent.

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Joining the single note cologne and mild spice in the mid heart phase is a gorgeous suede note that emerges to take on the starring role with the spiced florals now in support. The suede and remaining florals continue to hang-on through the early dry-down until a soft tobacco leaf note appears and dominates through the end of the scent's development. Projection is minimal and longevity is above average at hours on skin.


Richard James Savile Row edt single note cologne a blind buy and an extremely good one. The fragrance is very complex from start to the near finish and describing the notes in general is difficult except that it is primarily a floral melange over suede.

That short descriptor does not even come close to doing this fine scent proper justice, but it is so complex I fear I can't do much better.

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Maybe comparing it to somewhat similar scents will do a better job of describing its profile which is Amouage Dia Man especially the open single note cologne early heart meets Guerlain Arsene Lupin Dandy minus the violet in the mid to late heart. As those are two of my favorite scents it comes as no surprise I absolutely love Richard James edt.

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Richard James edt is maybe not quite as opulent as Dia Man and not as vociferous and assertive as Arsene Lupin, but it straddles a fine line between the two greats while adding in some additional complexity and innovation of single note cologne own with its subtle spices and herbs, and natural dry tobacco leaf finish. It is very classy and conservative for sure, but extremely versatile, innovative and not one bit stuffy.

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This fragrance smells like it cost a pretty penny and one feels quite wealthy wearing it. Unfortunately Richard James Savile Row edt has been discontinued, so buy it while you can as this 4 to 4.

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