Single period valuation method. Fundamentals of Functional Business Valuation

single period valuation method

single period valuation method Chapter 1. The Value of the Firm Abstract There are several factors that determine the value of a company, all important and relevant in order to achieve the full exploitation of corporate assets. Some of them are the history and nature of the business, the economics of the industry, the book value and financial condition of the business.

Klare und eindeutige begriffliche Festlegungen sind das Fundament einer jeden Wissenschaft. Häufig mangelt es jedoch daran, insbesondere wenn es sich um For- schungsbereiche handelt, die einen engen Bezug zu praktischem Handeln haben. Es sind dies zugleich Bereiche, für die Interessen- gegensätze typisch sind. Begriffliche Unklarheiten dienen dann zu deren Verschleierung! Fundamentals Clear and unambiguous definitions are the foundation of every science.

Valuation can be based on several methods, and it is possible to perform corporate valuation starting from either the balance sheet of the company, or its income statement. Another class of methods involves the single period valuation method as a measure of the projected corporate profitability and therefore, as the primary figure that adds up to the discounted cash flows from income. Overall, all the presented methods rely on the knowledge of the financial situation of the company and the ability to single period valuation method the figures to the immediate future in order to define scenarios for the future profitability of the firm.

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Angelo Corelli Chapter 2. Dividend-Based Valuation Abstract Dividend discount models for equity valuation are a popular tool in the analysis of corporations and their financials.

By using dividends as the target cash flow for the calculation of the present values, one directly aims at the equity value. The simplest forms of DDM rely on the discount of a perpetuity, by assuming the company will pay a constant dividend overtime, during its life.

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When the perpetuity allows for a single period valuation method growth rate of dividends overtime, it translate into the Gordon Growth model, single period valuation method represents the value of the corporate equity as the present value of a growing perpetuity. Most of the multi-stage DDM are in fact designed to allow for an initial period of discrete cash flows to be discounted at the appropriate rate, and be summed up with the present value of a final perpetuity calculated on the residual dividend after the discrete period.

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Angelo Corelli Chapter 3. Free-Cash-Flow-Based Methods Abstract According to what is the target of the valuation, both free cash flows to the firm and free cash flows to equity can be calculated.

When the cash flows have been calculated the valuation comes from the application of the Free-Cash-Flow-Based valuation methods, a family of models that relies on the accounting cash flows as a source of information for the value calculation.

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A further step entails the estimation of a growth rate for the cash flows in the future, so to adjust the model for a more realistic framework. After the growth rate is estimated, the valuation principles follow those of dividend discount models.

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It is possible in fact to set up single-stage or multi-stage models single period valuation method both single period valuation method and equity valuation. A partnersuche frauen zu anspruchsvoll sequence of discrete cash flows to be discounted at present value, together with a terminal value, represents the most popular approach to corporate valuation.

Angelo Corelli Chapter 4. The Valuation of Private Firms Abstract The absence of time series and other public data about a private company forces the analyst to estimate some of the parameters required to carry single period valuation method the valuation.

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In particular the beta, cost of debt and growth rate are needed for the purpose. When the information about comparable firms is acquired, it is then possible to estimate the beta as an average, and use such a figure as a good proxy of the beta of the private firm.

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The same holds for the cost of debt, especially in case the publicly traded comparable firms issue bonds and have a publicly observable cost of debt to be used again as a proxy of the figure for the private firm.

The growth rate of the cash flows overtime is a factor that becomes crucial in the case of private firms. The financial history of the corporation helps in achieving good estimates.

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Angelo Corelli Chapter 5. A Real Case: Single period valuation method Abstract After hiding the declining forecasts for the earnings in the coming quarter, the management and underwriters of Facebook decided to move on and price the IPO at the full projected price, therefore resulting single period valuation method an overvalued IPO, quite uncommon.

The work done by the students in Sweden clearly shows how it was possible, by just behaving ethically and taking into account all aspects of the valuation, to achieve a fairer valuation in the range of the 20s, exactly the range exhibited by the market in the weeks after the IPO.

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